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Prescient IJG Unit Trusts is a joint venture between Prescient Global, a leading provider of trusted, exceptional investment expertise, and IJG Holdings, one of Namibia’s foremost financial service providers. Prescient IJG aims to provide a range of innovative and expertly managed collective investment solutions to the Namibian Market.

IJG was registered in 1996 as Irwin, Jacobs, Greene to capitalize on opportunities in the Namibian corporate finance and stockbroking field fueled by the rapid growth of the Namibian Stock Exchange. Today, IJG is one of Namibia’s leading diversified financial services companies offering investment management, stockbroking, private equity, advisory, wealth management and business broking services.

Prescient Global is a diversified, global financial services group with its roots dating back to 1998.  It has a multi-decade track record of providing solutions to clients in Asset Management, Investment Administration and Platform Services, Retirement Solutions and Stockbroking. Prescient is headquartered in South Africa, with operations in Ireland, the United Kingdom, China and Jersey.

By combining the wisdom of experience, the innovative spirit of entrepreneurship, and the power of partnership, Prescient IJG is positioned to secure the success our clients desire, even in uncertain times.


Prescient IJG understands that markets are volatile and unpredictable over the short term. Our core philosophy is defined as Systematic and Evidence Based. We manage assets, focusing on research and factual evidence rather than hearsay and emotions, thereby avoiding the traps of human biases and temptations in our investment process.

Our rational approach to managing money results in the preservation of capital through prudent risk management processes, on both an absolute and risk adjusted basis. Our portfolios are constructed to ensure sensible risk-taking to offer reduced volatility during turbulent times while achieving inflation beating returns that are sustainable over the long term. Our portfolios are well suited to clients who are looking for real protection and the avoidance of permanent losses, thereby creating more certainty about investment outcomes and providing peace of mind.

Prescient IJG focuses on risk-adjusted returns, always considering the trade-off between additional risk and return. We do not aim to predict the market, instead, we consider the range of possible outcomes to make sure our portfolios are well-positioned to deliver on client expectations irrespective of market conditions.

Our underlying approach is to keep things as simple as possible while maintaining consistency in time-honored processes. We adhere to our proven investment strategies in all types of market conditions, adapting processes where changes in the market have created new opportunities or closed past ones.



Mark is the Group Managing Director of the IJG Group of Companies. Mark joined IJG in September 2003 as Head of Research. Following the completion of his stockbroking exams in 2005, he was appointed as Managing Director of the Securities business. In addition to his B.Bus.Science (Honours in Finance) degree from the University of Cape Town, Mark has completed an executive management course at the renowned Stanford Graduate School of Business and was a member of the Namibian Stock Exchange until 2012, when he was appointed as Group Managing Director.

Mark was rated no. 1 sell-side analyst in the category “Other African Markets & Economies” in May 2006 in the prestigious Financial Mail broker ratings. Mark’s experience spans stockbroking, private equity investments, corporate finance transactions as well as wealth management solutions.

Prior to joining IJG, Mark worked in the derivatives department of WestLB in London for two years and completed an internship with Schwabe, Ley & Greiner, an Austrian consultancy firm.


Mathews is the Executive Chairman of the Millennium Investment Group which was incorporated as a Namibian Holding company in 1999. As a Holding Company it has about 21 subsidiary companies falling under its control.

Mathews holds an MBA and a post graduate Diploma in Business and Management from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom. Mathews has been appointed as the Namibian Representative for the World Energy Council (WEC) to Represent the Republic of Namibia for five years.

Mathews is currently serving as chairperson on the Namboty Fishing board, and also holds the position of Executive Director for Namcot Diamonds. In 2009 Mathews was inducted into the Namibian Business Hall of Fame.