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Investment objective

The Fund aims to return CPI + 3% per annum through a full interest rate cycle while providing stability by aiming never to lose capital over any rolling 3 month period. The Fund is Regulation 13 compliant and at least 45% is invested in Namibian assets.

Investment process

This Fund invests in local and offshore money market, bonds, property, preference shares, inflation-linked bonds and derivatives to meet the investment objectives. Fund performance can be generated from taking interest rate views, duration, yield enhancement via credit instruments, asset allocation between income-producing asset classes, offshore exposure and also via the use of derivatives.

Who should invest?

The Fund is suitable for investors with a short to medium-term investment horizon seeking a conservative risk offering that aims to maximise income via primarily investing in Namibian and South African money and bond markets.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment for the Fund is a N$10 000 lump-sum or a N$1000 monthly contribution.


Initial Fee: 0.00%
Annual Management Fee: 0.75%