4th Floor, 1@Steps, C/O Grove and Chasie Street, Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek, Tel: +264 81 958 3500


Investment objective

The Fund aims to achieve returns above the benchmark (SteFi Call) while minimising the risk of any under-performance. At the time, it aims to maintain capital stability and liquidity. The Fund is Regulation 13 compliant and at least 45% is invested in Namibian assets.

Investment process

The Fund invests in cash and high-quality capital market instruments. The Fund is structured to minimise the risk of not meeting the benchmark. Returns achieved above the benchmark are used in specialist strategies designed to enhance yield further.

Who should invest?

Investors seeking a liquid, low-risk money market offering, with enhanced yields. This Fund is suitable for investors with a short-term investment horizon.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment for the Fund is a N$10 000 lump-sum or a N$1000 monthly contribution.


Initial Fee: 0.00%
Annual Management Fee: 0.50%