4th Floor, 1@Steps, C/O Grove and Chasie Street, Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek, Tel: +264 81 958 3500


Investment objective

The Fund aims to return CPI + 5% per annum over a full market cycle with less capital risk than the average balanced fund. The Fund is Regulation 13 compliant and at least 45% is invested in Namibian assets.

Investment process

The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio including cash, capital markets, equities and property, with active asset allocation. Derivatives may be utilised to reduce downside risk when pricing warrants this. The equity selection is active. The Fund is well diversified globally and the offshore allocation and currency exposure is managed actively.

Who should invest?

The Fund is suited to investors with a medium to long term investment horizon, who are seeking capital growth, and downside volatility management.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment for the Fund is a N$10 000 lump-sum or a N$1000 monthly contribution.


Initial Fee: 0.00%
Annual Management Fee: 1.00%